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Retail Electronic Visions (ReV)  is an Azure cloud-based platform developer of Member MATCH Communities 

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Positioned at the Intersection of Entrepreneur and Corporate Innovation

The basic design architecture behind the ReV  Match-As-A-Service (MAAS) platform is to connect a "birds-of-a-feather" member community by Matching their self-posted MATCH preferences.   This based on the premise that members know best WHAT they "want" and WHEN they "need" it.    

Entrepreneur Innovation


Corporate Innovation

Match is the New Search

Retail Electronic Visions recognizes that today... member ecosystems utilize SEARCH and multiple venues to find what they "Need" or "Want."  The results are often skewed to participating advertisers.   The question... is there a better more efficient, safer, targeted approach to "find and be found?" 

ReV  believes that Search should be a two way process.   That when ALL Members  self-post their "wants" and "needs" their digital Match Concierge can automatically find, and deliver, more precise MATCH candidates.  

ReV  Machine Matching  represents a NEW generation of Internet innovation where members control who they want to TARGET and who they want to FIREWALL and not let in.    Where members control what they WANT and define how much,  or how little, to SHARE with people they don't know.  Where members have new "TOOLS" to manage new engagements online and share "finds" with colleagues.    Are YOU ready for this next chapter in member-to-member collaboration?



Retail Electronic Vision's MAAS platforms are white labeled and tailored for "birds-of-a-feather" major markets lead by joint venture partners.    The JV Patners are recognized experts in vertical industry markets and serve as the industry "Market Maker."      



ReV tailors each MAAS platform for the vertical member community using a set of APPs and modules created within the framework architecture of the platform.  



The new generation of MATCH recognizes that customizing the member community platform is a vital part of creating a "birds-of-feather" digital  network community.     Therefore,   ReV provides the expertise to tailor each platform to create the optimum Match experience for each platform owner.    Platform owners choose options and ReV generates, tests and hosts the system on the Azure cloud.   In addition ReV provides ongoing monthly support for end user issues,  as well as provide new product and custom features as specified on behalf of the platform licensee.