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Serving today's innovation digital marketplace requires more than ONE platform and a Market Maker to drive marketplace adoption.  The ReV Platform solution provides multiple "Private"  and "Public" platforms  - each tailored to a specific vertical industry or need.    In some cases, ReV ownes the Vertical Match Platform,  and in others,   ReV creates a Joint Venture partnership with Market Makers a specific Vertical Market Platform.  

The ReV platform goal is to improve today’s traditional SEARCH using MATCH technology providing members their own "match credentials," plus control over their Search/Match candidate set display from their back office.  Their Member dashboard also enables them to manage and disseminate matches to colleagues.

The third generation (3.0) of the ReV Match-As-A-Service Platform (MAAS) is branded (white-labeled) with Match Algorithms tailored for each vertical markets.  This customization creates  industry-centric  Match Networks featuring tailored member profiles and sub-profiles – match criteria, display features, links and branding.

Emergency Community Match Platform

eLink 911 Logo-vertical

eLink 911 was our first Azure cloud-based Match Platform.   eLink911, is a technology company providing an “open” cloud-based emergency REGISTRY providing first responders with Medical Alerts (allergies, heart and medical conditions impacting treatment, etc.) plus Emergency Rooms [ER] with ICE contacts, and/or ANY third party emergency management or healthcare contacts. In addition, eLink 911 Premium products provide members and families with a Personal Healthcare Record (PHR), emergency management services, Medical Alert ID Products, plus a mobile APP to launch 911 calls.  (website)


Member Community Platform

rg logo - white 2019

The Ritz Group is a 38 year old 501-c-3 non-profit networking organization where "Creativity meets Capital."    Ritz Group serves over 2,600 subscribers who are engaged in the process of funding early-stage entrepreneurs raising seed and Series A private equity funding.    Each year the Ritz Group produces over 20 member "in-person" and online events.

The Ritz Group is the leader in addressing the modern day challenge to create and manage a private equity shareholder-based company .   The Ritz Group is the author of the Capital Drill that has created the new Capital Academy and Capital Service offerings.     Their belief is that...."If we can create more Angels - we can fund more companies."   Since 2013, the Ritz Group is known for producing quarterly networking events called Shark Attack.  They also conduct monthly Angel Club Luncheons to discuss "Deal Flow".  

Ritz Group Members are hosted on Brite Idea Lab where they create their member profile and also their Match Criteria defining their "Wants and Needs." Ritz Group Members have an outlook style back office where they automatically receive their Machine Matches based on matching other members Match Criteria. Match Criteria also provides a firewall for unwanted solicitations.

Members can also create an unlimited number of sub-profiles for each idea, new venture or existing business ID.  (website)

Angel Club Logo- Black.pptx
Digital Shark Attack
Shark Attack Logo White
Capital Drill

Entrepreneur Ecosystem Match Platform

Brite Idea Lab Logo -II

BRITE IDEA LAB is a Match Market Community configured to  "connect" the entrepreneur ecosystem to Corporate America and resources selling products and services to Entrepreneurs worldwide.

The member mission is to connect entrepreneurs and inventors to other entrepreneurs/inventors, corporations, organizations and service providers.    Members create profiles stating their Match needs, wants and/or haves to be machine-matched to others with the same criteria.

Members can create unique match criteria for multiple ideas, track followers and display crowd cheering results.    Dashboards deliver automatic machine matches, member-to-member submissions and follow grants enabling members to file and disseminate matches to colleagues.  (Website

Capital Expo Logo Framed

Capital Expo is a Powered-by Venue of Brite Idea Lab.   The Capital Expo is a "Public" virtual designed to showcase the Entrepreneur Ecosystem of a State or Country.    The Capital Expo Virtual Trade Show is unique.   It hosts multiple Trade Shows, called Pavilions,  on one platform.

Pavilion owners manage their own Virtual Space they create and mange.    Pavilion Event Producers brand their LOBBY, Aisles, Exhibitors and Auditorium.  They approve Exhibitors and set sponsor pricing for their Lobby, Aisles, and Auditorium.    Pavilion Owners  examples are Venture Atlanta, TIE, Ritz Group,  The Farm, or a University.   It is anyone who incubate Entrepreneurs.    

The virtual goal is identical to the physical goal.   Feature the Event Producer, their programs and their Exhibitors - organized by categories, called Aisles they define.

The Capital Expo has a Main Lobby where visitors enter and select the Country or State Capital Expos they wish to visit.     Visitors, Pavilion owners and Exhibitors have ONE Sign-up or Sign-In with the Capital Expo   

Visitors can SEARCH the venue or "swipe left" on each aisle displaying the most popular or featured Exhibitors.


Collectible Car Ecosystem Match Platform

VG Match Market Logo

 Virtual Garage is the online venue  where collectors digitally store classic and exotic vehicles they own or "wish" to own someday.

Garages are specially designed to store photos, videos, files and histories for all classifications of cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

Vehicle owners, consigners and dealers create profiles to connect to other owners, fans,  as well as product and service providers.

eCSR Logo Square White

eCar Show Registry (eCSR) enables Car Show Producers and Promoters to register their Event and book fee and free-based reservations.    They are provided with a back office to review and manage their Event reservations.    Exhibitor reservations are automatically posted in the member's Virtual Garage.

eCSR also provides a suite of  Event Voting, plus Email Marketing services, help with technology upgrades and also expertise to help plan and run Car Show events of any size.   

NBC Sports eShow Logo

Physical Car Shows represent the lifeblood of the Industry.   Most, conduct the local or regional Shows charging Exhibitors and donating proceeds to Charity.  Virtual Garage wants to add to a Physical Car Shows ability to RAISE FUNDS FOR CHARITY by offering Event Producers a Virtual Car Show they manage to augment and support their physical Car Shows 

We are not trying to replace the physical car shows, the heat, rain, and thrill of seeing the spectators.   We just want to provide a similar, longer lasting experience online.  It's a car collectors Hall of Fame.

eSHOW, Powered by Virtual Garage is a clone of Capital Expo and hosts multiple Car Shows.  We will provide all the Car Show grandeur, sponsors and Aisle segmentation.   More importantly, we allow car owners  to build their exhibitor booth using their Garage data with "one click" porting. 

Booking and managing the Virtual Car Show will done via eCar Show Registry - identical to listing a physical Car Show 



Corporate Innovation Match Platforms

Corporate Foundry 400x150

Maintaining the Flow of Ideas in Corporate Innovation

Our Strategic Partner for Corporate Innovation is Corporate Foundry.    Corporate Foundry provides internal innovation platformS (i-Lab & i-LAB 365), plus programs to foster the capture and flow of Innovation IDEAS within a corporation.    Brite Idea Labs facilitate the capture of Ideas from the Open 360 world of Entrepreneurial Innovation. Together they address and sustain the flow of Ideas required to maintain a vigorous flow of new Ideas as input to a corporate innovation program.  (website)

i-Lab Logo Blue

i-LAB: Providing Corporations with internal Innovation Pipeline Management

A white-label internal innovation platform to manage a corporation’s flow of innovation ideas from the trenches (employees, suppliers & affiliates) to innovation authorities (IA’s) who incubate and disseminate ideas to R&D, M&A, Biz Dev, Innovation Master Mind Groups, plus external Innovation labs and foundry/s.   

i-Lab is the CINO’s infrastructure innovation management platform. i-Lab and 21st Century Innovation products and services stimulate the flow of ideas, captures internal critiques, rewards employees, plus track dissemination of each idea submitted. (website

i-Lab 365 Logo

i-LAB 365:  Provides smaller Corporations with an external private Innovation Pipeline Management platform to manage the flow of Ideas from within their corporation

An internal innovation platform for smaller corporations and divisions to implement their own private i-LAB experience on a shared i-LAB cloud-based platform.  

The i-LAB 365 goal is to create a lower cost experience for smaller companies and companies who want to "try" idea pipeline management before bringing i-LAB inhouse.        

The i-LAB 365 and i-LAB functions are the same.  This is to manage the corporation’s flow of innovative ideas from the trenches (employees, suppliers & affiliates) with distribution to innovation authorities (IA’s) who incubate and disseminate ideas to R&D, M&A, Biz Dev, Innovation Master Mind Groups, plus external Innovation labs and foundry/s.  

i-Lab 365  is the CINO’s infrastructure innovation management platform.   i-LAB 365 and 21st Century Innovation products and services stimulate the flow of ideas, captures internal critiques, rewards employees, plus track dissemination of each idea submitted.

i-Innovate Logo

i-Innovate:   Connecting Corporations to Innovation experts, plus innovation solution product and service providers

i-Innovate enables corporations to “connect” with organizations, industry experts, consultants, product and service providers in the corporate C-Suite innovation space. Members add their Match Criteria based on “needs, wants, interests, or products/services” they want to sell or promote in the Innovation space.

Machine matches and member submissions are automatically provided to members through their Innovation Match Market back-office dashboard. Members can file matches and/or disseminate Machine Matches and submissions to other members.

API's enable i-Innovate members to have profiles on Brite Idea Lab and/or IMM to create colleagues and disseminate Matches and submissions to members on linked platforms. Standard API’s are used to facilitate common sign-on for all match portals, as well as eliminate redundant data entry. 

Lab Rat APP Image

LAB RAT APP: Crowd-Cheering Mobile Voting APP for Brite Idea Lab, i-Lab, and Innovation Member Match platforms.

The Lab Rat Mobile APP provides an Android and Apple mobile interface enabling users to Vote (1 to 5 Stars) and Comment on Sub-Profile Ideas or Small BIZ ventures.

Votes are tallied and Comments are posted on the Sub Profile giving the profile owner the options to display, not display or reset the results. The Crowd-Cheering feature provides each Sub-Profile Idea with a unique ID that can be used in presentations, displayed on digital collateral, or promoted on social media. Digital ID’s are used to facilitate text voting.

Member Match Logo II

MEMBER MATCH: Providing large Member and consumer databases with extended Member-to-Member collaboration and Match features.

A branded front-end Match platform for major member organizations, or multiple organizations/venues, who want to expand their member-to-member innovation and collaboration.

New and existing members “Opt-In” to the organizations Member Match Market to add their Match Criteria based on their “needs, wants, interests, or products/services” they want to promote.

Machine-Matches (AI) and member-to-member submissions are automatically provided to members through their Member Match back office dashboard. Members can file matches and disseminate matches to other members. Member Match dramatically maximizes member-to-member collaboration and promotion benefiting the parent member value proposition.

Their Match Conciegre will automatically deliver the latest.  Matches everytime they open their Member Match Portal.

Innovation Match Market serves as a dynamic digital front-end market for corporate consumer, organization and charity member databases. Member Match is the next generation of customer and member value-add and retention. (learn more)

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